Hello! My name is Christy Barber and I am the owner and founder of Farmhouse Pools. After working 20 plus years in the pool industry with the most amazing friends, mentors, vendors, clients, and colleagues, I decided to start my next journey and jump into business for myself.

Together with my husband, Dennis, we have 5 children and 3 granddaughters and live in Brock, Texas. Both of us were born and raised here in the North Texas area and I have the Southern accent to prove it.

I can’t wait to meet you and help create designs to build for your family!

Christy Barber

Southern Built

The Southern way is hospitable, respectful, and with welcoming gratitude. This is also what we want to provide to our clients and partners in business. For those blessed to have the means to build a swimming pool for their families, its because they worked hard, planned, and waited for their right time.

Its exciting to see your pool get built! We want to make the experience the best possible. Farmhouse Pools is committed to better communication, quality control, accountability, and more on-site project management.

Southern built for all y’all!

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Farmhouse Pools

Over the past few years, the request for straight line, clean, modern farmhouse pool design has really boomed. New home construction in Parker County, Hood County, and surrounding areas is dominated by urban farmhouse architecture as well. The clean lines and lighter color materials on the pool builds are a great fit with these homes. I knew this was a perfect name for our business! And I now have an excuse to buy all the adorable home décor that is Farmhouse style!

P.S. We love lagoon pool designs, tropical pool designs, and classic Roman pools too!

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