Heat it Up!

I often ask my clients what they wished they had done differently on their pool build, and the answer I hear most is…

“Wish I had added the HEATER with the build”

With a spa project, you will get a heater that has the capacity to also heat your pool.

If you build a pool only, the heater is a great option to add during the build. You will need either propane, natural gas, or electricity for heat pump options.

Salt or Chlorine? We get asked this everyday.

At Farmhouse Pools, we do offer salt generated chlorine systems, but we prefer other methods as many of are on well water.

Check out the Hayward HydraPure system in the below video. This product combines the power of Ozone and UV to reduce chlorine and maintenance, and provide clear, safe water.

How a Pool Works Simplified – click photo to learn more from Hayward

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