Custom Gunite Construction Pricing

Pool projects currently start at $60,000. An example of a project in the $60k range would be a minimum size play pool for a yard that is relatively flat and has wide open access. Click here to see example sizes of a minimum pool project.

Diving pools are larger in scale and will typically start at $85,000.

Spas are a great add for so many reasons! If you would like to add a spa to your pool project, you will need either propane or natural gas for a heat source. A spa will generally add $18,000-$25,000 depending on the scale and scope. This includes the heater and gas for the projec

At Farmhouse Pools, our average pool projects are $75,000 -$125,000 as most clients choose a few bells and whistles or have some elevation changes to their yard.

Finance Partners

There are many ways to finance a pool, such as home improvement, home equity, or even an unsecured loan or line of credit. Below is a list of our financial partners for any finance needs:

Home Improvement & Home Equity Loans

HFS offers unsecured loan options for inground swimming pools up to $250,000, and require far less paperwork and “red tape” than banks and home equity loans. Get an inground pool loan big enough for your poolside furniture, fencing, pool decking, and everything you need.

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